Chris Kraft, PhD

Licensed Clinical Psychologist




Dr. Kraft serves as a clinical director for the Johns Hopkins Sex and Gender Clinic. The clinic has been a part of the psychiatry department at Johns Hopkins Hospital for over 30 years. Dr. Kraft lectures regularly at conferences and professional organizations on sexuality and gender and has journal publications in the Archives of Sexual Behavior and the Journal of Psychology & Human Sexuality.


Dr. Kraft a sexologist with the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine provides marital, sex therapy and sexual intimacy enhancement to heterosexual and gay/lesbian couples who are experiencing marital/sexual distress. Sexual challenges treated include low or mismatched sexual desire, erection/arousal difficulties, genital pain, and orgasmic problems. Dr. Kraft also specializes in treating sexually addictive/compulsive behaviors that become excessive or problematic though legal/illegal internet pornography, marital infidelities, phone/internet sex, prostitutes/escorts, strip clubs, and message parlors. Dr. Kraft also specializes in sexual orientation, gender, transgender, cross dressing, and BD/SM issues. He also provides treatment for illegal sexual behaviors that include underage internet porn, underage sex or fantasies, exhibitionism and voyeurism. Dr. Kraft is also an instructor in human sexuality and gender for psychiatry residents, medical students, and undergraduates at the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and the Johns Hopkins University.


Dr. Kraft believes a comprehensive psychological/sexological evaluation with both members of a couple is important. Couples are evaluated over a three hour period of time where they are assessed as a couple and in confidential individual interviews. Individuals are evaluated in two hour sessions. A comprehensive and detailed formulation and treatment plan will be discussed at the end of the evaluation. Treatment consists of systemic, short-term, cognitive-behavioral and insight orientated therapies with a focus on goal accomplishments. When warranted sex education and homework exercises are utilized. Dr. Kraft also runs a weekly group for the management of sexual boundaries.

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