Patricia Moore, PsyD

Psychologist/Sex Therapist


PsyD psychologist licensed in Massachusetts and in Vermont.


Work with individual and couples on intimacy and sexuality issues. Also do family work periodically


I try to listen my clients into greater awareness and assist them in accessing their healing potential. I believe sexuality is not just a matter of body function or dysfunction. The physical problem can have emotional; cognitive and spiritual aspects to it. I approach situations from a systemic point of view and try to understand how the family and or couple's dynamics are contributing to the identified problem. Taking time to build trust with my clients and taking an in depth developmental and sexual history are important. At times working in conjunction with other professionals is essential. This can mean a physical therapist or physician specially trained in the area of sexuality.


Morning, afternoon and evening hours during the week and work on Saturday or Sunday as needed.


1776 Mass Ave , Cambridge, MA 02140