That Quiz for Couples

It's that sex quiz, the best and most fun sexual compatibility test for couples to take together online. Guaranteed to improve your sex life!

Uncover the hidden desires you and your partner share... While keeping the rest secret!

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Why That Sex Quiz ?

That Sex Quiz helps couples find their shared sexual desires in a fun way! No need to guess what your partner likes. Take the quiz and start something new in the bedroom today.

Spice-up Your Sex Life

Whether you are a new couple or just looking to spice things up, That Sex Quiz will help!
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Always Private

Your partner will never see your answers unless you both select the same. 100% Secure.
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No Sign-up Required

No sign up required. We never share your personal information with anyone.
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How it Works

There are just 3 easy steps to find your partners hidden sexual desires. For more information, check out the FAQ.

1) Getting Started

That Sex Quiz is extremely flexible. Click start quiz and you will be prompted to:

  • Enter some basic information like age and gender,
  • Choose if you want the basic or advanced question list,
  • Customize the quiz by entering your own questions.

2) Take the Quiz

Now for the fun part! You and your partner each take the same quiz privately so neither of you know what the other selected. The quiz takes 10-15 minutes.

If you take the quiz on different computers, you will be given a link to share with your partner.

3) See the Results

After you both complete the quiz you will only see the list of the questions that you both chose. Have fun!

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