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You'll both see the same results. The results will show your shared sexual desires. The one's you don't match on will remain hidden.

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ThatSexQuiz.com is a sexual compatibility quiz for couples. The quiz is designed to facilitate communication and help couples discover their shared sexual desires in a fun and safe way.

When you answer a question on ThatSexQuiz.com, your partner will only see your answer if they are into the same thing - so it is safe to be completely honest.

ThatSexQuiz.com was created in 2016 to scratch a personal itch. At the time, I was in a new relationship. Since then, the site has gone through a lot of iterations, including having the quiz reviewed and questions completely rewritten by licensed therapists who specialize in relationships and sex.

Today, ThatSexQuiz.com continues to receive updates and new features. We hope it'll help you in your relationship. If you have a suggestion, please let us know.

Whether you are just starting out or you have been together for years, any couple can benefit from taking the quiz. ThatSexQuiz can help you discover your partner's fantasies for the first time or help you to spice-up and revive your sex life. People's sexual preferences change over time so feel free to take the quiz again!

In a healthy, long-term relationship, you'll eventually reach a point were communication with you partner feels safe and comfortable enough that you will be able to confidently and openly discuss your sexual desires without fear of embarrassment. Until that time, ThatSexQuiz.com is here you for.

The quiz takes just 10-15 minutes per person. You and your partner can take the quiz at the same time. No sign-up is required to get started.

Take the quiz when you are already feeling in the mood.

Yes, after the first person takes their quiz, they will be given a link to share with their partner. Using that link, your partner can take the quiz on any phone or computer. If you enter your email address we will email you when your results are ready.

It's true — your partner could select 'yes' to every single question, thus revealing all of the fantasies that you selected. If you partner is going to cheat on a little quiz, maybe you have bigger problems in your relationship.

Yes, it is free to take the quiz and view the results from the "basic" questions. To unlock and view the more advanced questions costs $9.95

Yes, your information is always private and confidential. We are committed to protecting your information. We do not share sensitive information with any third-parties. We encrypt all information that is sent from your computer to our server. In addition, all sensitive information is permanently deleted 90 days after completing your quiz. Click here to read the full privacy policy.

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