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Written on April 27, 2023


ThatSexQuiz is a sex quiz for couples to uncover shared desires while not revealing the rest. It's a safe, fun way to ask your partner if they're into it. I originally created ThatSexQuiz in 2016. There was a similar quiz but at the time it didn't work - so I made one.

I recently remade the site and worked with several sex therapists to make it more inclusive and comprehensive. See the full list of quiz questions.

In some ways I don't like the idea of this quiz. It would be better for couples to have non-judgemental communication where they can safely share their desires without the fear of judgement. However, the therapists I spoke with all agree any tool that promotes communication is a good thing. Don't let "perfect" be the enemy of "good."

How it works

Each partner separately takes the same quiz. Each question asks you to rate your interest on a 5-point scale from "ew" to "oh yes!" The results show only the activities you and your partner are both interested in. Based on the sum of each person's answers we create an "openness" score which is used in the anonymous statistics.


Below are some of the most interesting highlights:

  • France, Netherlands, and South Africa all rank higher than the US is Sexual Openness
  • Men peak in sexual openness in their late 40's
  • Women peak in sexual openness in their late 20's, decline slightly in their 30's and 40's then sharply over 50+.
  • The only category that women are more interested in than men is "Toys & Devices"
  • Interest in "Butt Stuff" increases sharply after 24+ and peaks at age 45-49.
  • Interest in BDSM declines with age
  • Interest in "Swinger" activities increases with age

I don't know if the trends we found apply to a broader population. Our quiz is mostly taken by young people in the US.

Over 70,000 people have taken the quiz but for certain subsets the numbers are much lower. For example, France ranks the highest in "Sexual Openness", but has only taken the quiz 724 times. Is that statistically significant?


Since remaking the site it has increased in popularity gradually. People mostly find it by searching "couple's sex quiz" on Google.

I hope the trend continues and we are able to help more people try new things!

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