Konstance McCaffree, PhD, CSE, CSES, CFLE

Program Consultant and Professor




Though I am a professor of sexuality education, preparing professionals in the Human Sexuality Program at Widener University to increase their educational skills and do research, I am involved in providing education to pre-service teachers in elementary and secondary schools, international settings especially in Africa and the Philippines.


Adolescent Sexuality; Increase adult understanding and communication ability to discuss sexuality with youth; Preparing teachers and other health professionals to communicate with youth/ other adults about sexuality; International development of training, curriculum, workshops for the implementation of sexuality education for all populations - parents, teachers, community agencies and those in charge of education.


We are a culture that is sexually illiterate and has not developed the skills to discuss sexuality topics/issues with our youth. Unless we educate the adults, parents, teachers, clergy, community leaders, politicians our youth will continue to struggle and take risks due to lack of knowledge and skill. We all can benefit from learning how to communicate and develop knowledge of sexual health.


Variable; contact by email or telephone will receive a return contact from me.

560 Maple Avenue , Doylestown, PA 18901