Patricia Buttner, MA, LMHC

AASECT-certified Sex Therapist, Sex and Relationship Therapist, Psychotherapist, Private Practice


MA in Counseling Psychology 33 Years Experience


I believe that within each person, their lies a Self....a loving, compassionate, untarnished essence that gets clouded over with pain. This pain gets covered up by protective parts that can get in people's way and work against them. Therapy helps clients heal and to live life more fully from a place of curiosity, centeredness, confidence and compassion.


My practice is devoted to helping individuals and couples develop more loving and passionate relationships with themselves and others...treating and healing sexual anxiety and vulnerabilities, female and male dynsfunctioms..including erectile inconsistencies, premature ejaculation, lack of desire and anorgasmia; relationship issues, sexual abuse, sexual addiction as well as developing more effective communication skills and increasing self confidence and intimacy.


First and foremost is the importance of creating a safe environment in which clients feel comfortable in discussing their personal lives and sharing their innermost feelings and insecurities (we all have them). Helping clients realize their inner goodness is an essential component in therapy. When these ingredients are present, learning, change and growth can occur resulting in greater self confidence, a more passionate sex life, more fun, peace and joy in life :)


Day and Evening hours are available Monday through Friday and Saturday morning

241 Greendale Avenue , Needham, MA 02494