Adrian Eric Scharfetter, PhD, LMFT

Sex Therapist, LMFT




I am a part of various sex positive/kink-aware communities and educational projects, and my goal is to help decrease the stigma of guilt/shame that comes from how various cultures and/or spiritualities see sex and sexuality. I offer ally focused, inclusive, socially aware and progressive, sex positive, non-shaming therapy for all individuals regardless of race, orientation, gender, or disability.


Sexuality and Sexual Health and Functioning, Self-Esteem around Sex and Communicating Needs within your Relationships, Issues around Sexual Abuse & Sexual Trauma, Male sexuality and intimacy issues, Poly, Non-Monogamy, and Open Relationship Issues, Kink, BDSM, and LGBTQAI ally, Work with Sexual Narcissism and Sexual Power Dynamics


Discovering the sex life and relationship you want to have - where you feel validated, fully alive, and in alignment with your deepest values - is about becoming aware and learning to pay close attention inside. It is about finding intimacy and vulnerability above all else. It is about learning trust.


Monday & Thursday 8am-7pm


2379 Cedar Rock Dr , Santa Rosa, CA 95404