Anne C. Aja, EdD

Marriage and Family Therapist


Dr. Aja is a Certified Sex Therapist and a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. She holds a Doctorate in Counseling and Psychological Foundations from the College of William and Mary.


Dr. Aja is a managing partner in a large multi disciplinary psychotherapy group.


Dr. Aja has practiced psychotherapy with individuals, couples and families for over 25 years. Specialized services include marital therapy, sex therapy, therapy with gay, lesbian bisexual and transgender clinets, survivors of abuse, hypnosis and divorce recovery.


With couples, I employ the Cognitive-interpersonal Model in the treatment of sexual dysfunction. That is, the techniques of cognitive therapy based on identifying and correcting distorted thoughts as well as training in relationship enhancement skills.


10am-7pm Monday through Thursday


11825 Rock Landing Drive The James Bldg., Newport News, VA 23606